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(4-х дневный ON-LINE курс на английском языке) с 11-00 до 17-00 (ведет Фесик Наталья Леонидовна),

стоимость ON-LINE курса 21 000 рублей, перейти для регистрации

Dear friends! We invite you to a 4-day guided clairvoyance training. The host Natalia Fesik is a certified guidance counselor. A new approach to information technologies. The characteristic feature of our classes is the practical results of each student.
Communication with your mind is known to be the basis of the overall educative process. The aim of our training is to make each student work hard reaching individual results and helping both himself and other people.
The classes offer the following opportunities: regeneration, clairvoyance, coherent (coordinated) work of cerebral hemisphere, restoring health, natural rejuvenation, curing and recovering from serious diseases, conscious event management, drawing up positive future, harmony in the family, solving problems in business, ability to find the source-cause of any life situation and transform it and much more. The possibilities of using mental tools are unlimited.
This training takes place all over the world and in some countries the governments have decided to introduce the knowledge transmitted during the training to schools, universities and medical institutions.
Listed below are the reviews of those who passed the training. Each of them once came to our intensive course with his own aim in mind and decided to invest his time
in communicating with practitioners. These inspiring results give us the feeling of confidence and significance.
All results are important in our lives and every new successful step has already taken you to a new level, but it’s for you to decide either it is a lower or an upper one. Dreaming about something, planning our growth and estimating possible developments we make internal evaluation of our readiness for these new heights. But sometimes we are afraid of our dreams, they seem to be too unattainable at first glance.
Many people still dream of a health body, happy marriage, successful business and rejuvenation, but only a few have all these. They are distinguished by an understanding of the internal readiness to achieve results, a sense of resource, firmness of intention and faith.
Put everything aside. The main work will take place during the training. There will be much theory and a lot of technologies that will help you make the right steps towards your loved one in 4 days.
The basic course consists of the theoretical and practical parts. It runs in a dialogue mode. The teacher transmits you his knowledge of main tools for managing a person’s information level.
This is very ancient knowledge, or rather, the fundamental laws of human life. Getting to know these laws a person can become a co-Creator of his own destiny and the world around him.
What will happen during the basic course?
You will master mental technologies aimed at helping you gain knowledge in all areas of life, health in particular. You will be able to:
-restore your health and the health of your relatives and friends up to the normal condition (training lessons are to be a starting point for transforming the disease in your body);
-learn to regenerate organs and teeth;
-activate the biochemical and energy processes of the main organs;
-restore the normal vision and healthy functioning of the vascular system;
- increase the brain and memory potential;
-manage to control the restoration processes of any body system;
-diagnose the body condition;
-activate the circulation of energy in your organism;
-gain the technology “Determination of the source-cause of health problems and events”.
Hundreds of thousands of people have already restored their health by means of mental techniques. There are hundreds of certificates of organ regeneration confirmed by medical documents and dozens of evidences of curing the grade 4 Cancer.
You’ll learn:
- what the habits are and how to transforms the negative ones;
- how to work with events and shape the future according to your tasks;
- to master the dynamics of reality-building processes;
- to manage events at the micro and macro levels.
You’ll also understand the nature of clairvoyance and get to know the hidden possibilities of your consciousness. You’ll gain the experience of developing clairvoyance and working with it and, thus, activate your inner vision screen.
You’ll understand how to develop permanent skills of working at the information level, learn the fundamental laws of space and explore the structure of the Universe and the Man. Moreover, you’ll learn the basic principles of materialization and operation with light, color and sound. You’ll have the possibility to discover the mystery of rejuvenation and longevity. You’ll come to understanding the subtle plan events. You’ll be able to analyze the most complicated and even unpredictable life situations and find appropriate decisions for coping with them.

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